How to hang a wreath on a glass door

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to hang a wreath on a glass door without causing any damage, this DIY trick is absolutely perfect for you!

I completely forgot that we got a beautiful new front door made of steel and glass when I went to hang a wreath up this season. Hammering a nail into glass or steel was definitely not an option, and I definitely didn’t want to put a hole in our brand new door. This got me thinking about how to hang a wreath without damaging our lovely new door.

I tried using a wreath hanger, but it didn’t fit well over the door and I was worried about it scratching our newly painted door. Plus, I didn’t want the wreath hanger to be visible at the top of the wreath.

That’s when I remembered using Command Hooks! They’re perfect for hanging a wreath on the glass window of our door.

I also found that felt works great for preventing the back of the wreath from scratching the door.

So instead of using random nail holes in your front door, I recommend buying some Command Hooks and felt to hang your wreath. It’ll be much better for your door in the long run.

This post is really simple, but since I initially had trouble with our new door, I thought I’d share this easy trick! Hopefully, it’ll be helpful if you’re hanging a wreath on a glass door or window.

Sometimes, the simplest DIYs or tips for around the house are the best!

Here is a list of supplies you will need to hang a wreath:

– Wreath

– Felt

– Fabric scissors

– Old rag

– Rubbing alcohol

– Command Hooks (Make sure to check the weight of your wreath before ordering any hooks! Also, check that they can be removed from your surface without leaving a mark – they work well for glass windows and doors.)

How to hang a wreath on a glass door

Measure where you want your wreath to hang

Make sure the center of the wreath hits at about eye level. The grid on our window makes it easy to center it left to right, but if you’re nervous, you can use a tape measure instead of just eyeballing it.

Clean that measured portion of the glass with rubbing alcohol

If you’re up for it, you can clean the whole window while you’re at it. I definitely didn’t do it though.

Follow the easy command hook directions

Hey, make sure to close your door or use a door stopper while you do this. It’ll make it easier to apply pressure and get the Command Hook to stay. And let me tell you, there’s no simpler way to hang a wreath!

Cut your felt into smaller pieces

When I purchased the felt, I decided to cut a sheet into four long strips and then divide each of those pieces in half. I used one of the felt sheets for this wreath and kept the remaining ones to make more wreaths throughout the year.

Stick your felt to the back of your wreath

The felt I bought had adhesive on the back, making it easy to attach to the wreath.

Ensure that the felt wraps around the back of the wreath, where it will come into contact with the door, but be careful not to make it too wide so that it is visible from the front.

I know this may sound technical, but it can be easy by using your own judgment when deciding on the size.

I added one piece of felt at a time, working my way around the wreath and slightly overlapping each piece with the next.

Since the wreath is circular, the felt pieces will be at varying angles.

In a few areas, there were extra twigs or pieces on the wreath that I simply cut off instead of trying to tuck them under the felt.

Continue doing this process until the whole wreath is covered.

To prevent scratching the door, hang the wreath with the felt on the back.

Remember, the back of the wreath will not be visible, except for a small portion that can be seen through a glass window if you have one.

Hang your wreath

Its super easy, like I said, but it’s also really helpful if you’re wondering how to hang a wreath without scratching your door!

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