Parker Schnabel House

Parker Schnabel has worked hard in the mining industry, which is why he is now the proud owner of a very spacious house that looks like a king’s house, where Parker and his family are enjoying the best life.

Is Parker Schnabel in possession of a house?

Just at the age of 23 years, Parker Schnabel is one of the richest young men in America. His talent for uncovering hidden treasures has made him the star of a hit show called Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.

Schnabel never had a place he could call his own, he just moved where his family moved. Schnabel stated in a 2016 interview with The New York Times.

This was the statement given by the Schnabel before 2018, actually doesn’t have a house that he can call his own yet and is currently living with his girlfriend in Los Angeles. After which, in March 2018, Schnabel bought a house in Las Vegas for two million dollars.

Parker Schnabel’s House

If you are keen on watching Discovery Channel then you must have heard a name on it which is Gold Rush Then, of course, you will also be familiar with the name of Parker Schnabel, who at the age of 23 years has the name of the youngest Gold rush millionaire. He started this work of Gold mining at the age of 14 and earned a lot of fame.

The luxurious house is located in the north side of Alaska. This 20-acre area house has its own private lake which enhances its beauty. This gold accents house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms covered the area of 2000 square-foot house. The address for the Parker Schnabel house can be found at Haines Hwy, Haines, AK 99827.

Why Schnabel’s house is not an ordinary house?

Parker Schnabel is not an ordinary man, same like Parker Schnabel his house is also not an ordinary house. As the Parker Schnabel is a star of a discovery channel hit Gold Rush. His house is a Gold mine.

Schnabel house was built on the site of old gold mine, including a sluice box and a working gold mine. From where Schnabel and his crew can easily extract and separate gold from the dirt and rocks.

Another special feature of Schnabel house is that, It also has a mill in which further processing is done. This further processing grinds the ore into powder. After all there is an assay lab, which is used to check the purity of the gold.

Living Room Décor

In Parker Schnabel house living room is decorated with a mounted grizzly bear head and a signed photo of Silvio Berlusconi. In addition of this living room, house is fascinated with the childhood memories of Schnabel life. There are some other signed photos of other minors such as Todd Hoffman and Rick Ness are also used to décor the house. Last but not the least; a large metal detector is also available in the house.

Schnabel House reality VS Gold Rush show

The appearance of Parker Schnabel home on Gold Rush differs from his actual home in real life. While the show depicts a large, multi-roomed house, in reality, his home is much smaller with only one room. Fans have been puzzled by this discrepancy, with some speculating that it may be staged for the cameras. However, the truth is that the home shown on the show is actually a set specifically built for Gold Rush.

Net worth of Parker Schnabel house

The net worth of Parker Schnabel is $5 million. The Parker Schnabel house is likely to be millions of dollars, because it has a lot of amenities.

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