How to wash an electric blanket

Mostly people use electric heated blankets to stay warm. Electric heated blankets have internal waterproof wiring system which is properly insulated and sewed in between the fabric to make it machine washable. So that’s why these blankets need extra attention during the washing process. In Electric blankets internal sewed wires are connected by thermostat which provides help to regulate.

Can you wash a heated blanket?

Yes, you can wash a heated blanket. It’s not a very difficult task to wash a heated blanket. By following these easy steps you can easily wash your electric heated blanket.

Before you even think you’re going to wash your electric blanket, you first need to check that it is machine washable or not. After that you need to read washing instructions, because it will help you a lot how to properly wash your electric heated blanket. Every blanket manufacturer recommends its own method to wash electric blanket. Here you can easily access the washing instructions recommended by a well-known blanket manufacturer named as Sunbeam.

How to wash an electric blanket

Remove all cords and controls

Firstly disconnect all the cords and controls, because through these cords and controls electricity travels within the blanket. If you want that your blanket remains functional. It is very much necessary to remove all the cords. If you failed to remove the cords, it can damage your electric heated blanket because it totally damages the process which helps to provide heat within the electric blanket. In simple words don’t mix the water and electricity.

Read washing instructions manual

As mentioned earlier sunbeam, a blanket manufacturer provides all the instructions such as

-How to safely use the electric heated blanket

-How to care and operate accurately

-How to properly wash electric heated blanket

  • What to do
  • What not to do

-Warranty Guidance

By reading out all the instructions, you will be very sure how to wash electric heated blanket.

Wash blanket with machine

If the electric heated blanket instructions are showing machine washing. Place it in the washing machine with a gentle detergent on a delicate or gentle cycle. Avoid using hot water, as it can damage the wires inside the blanket. Use cold water instead. Choose washing machine according to the need of your blanket such as large capacity washer. If you feel that washer is unbalanced, you can adjust it by adding some additional non-lint producing sheets or towels.

Wash blanket by hand

If you don’t have a newer or modern blanket and the blankets instructions are showing that you cannot wash it with the help of washing machine. Then don’t worry. I have a hand washing solution for you to wash your valuable blanket. Firstly you need to do the same process, remove all the cords and controls. Fill your washing bucket with cold water and delicate detergent.

After proper soaking in the detergent mixed cold water, now you have to rub your electric blanket properly until you are satisfied that there is no debris remains within the blanket. If you feel any debris again, follow the process again. Now rinse out all the excess water from the electric blanket with the help of your hands, but not by twisting the blanket. You can dry it with a dryer if the blanket instructions are allowing you.

Proper dry the heated blanket

Now it’s time to properly dry your electric blanket. Be sure that you cannot use your own method for proper drying process. This is sure you can use clothesline or shower rod to dry your electric heated blanket, but clothespins are not allowed. Don’t use high heat to dry your electric blanket, because it can damage the internal wiring system just like twisting can damage your electric blanket internal wiring system. Tumble dry low, delicate cycle.

How Often to Wash an Electric Blanket

Generally, frequency to wash your electric blanket depends upon the usage of your heated blanket. But this is sure you need to wash your electric blanket once a month during the winter/cold season. If you just use your blanket during the night. Then follow the same routine for washing your electric blanket as the other bedding products. If you feel that cold season is going and the electric blanket will not be used. Pack it well after washing for the storage.

When you should not wash an electric heated blanket

One of the most important times to avoid washing a heated blanket is when it is plugged in or turned on. Water and electricity do not mix well, and washing a heated blanket while it is connected to a power source can result in electrical shock or damage to the blanket.

If your heated blanket has a removable controller, it is recommended to detach it before washing the blanket. Washing the controller can damage the electronics inside and render it unusable.

How to effectively treat stains on an electric blanket

If the stains are of some food, drink or other dirty stains. You can use Butter knife, old credit card or fingernails to remove such stains. After that if the stains are still not completely going you can use a mild laundry detergent.

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