Small Laundry Room Ideas with Top Loading Washer

Do you have a small laundry room with a top loading washer and are struggling to find ways to maximize the space? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some creative ideas to make the most of your limited area. Here are some small laundry room ideas with a top loading washer.

Utilizing vertical space

Installing wall-mounted shelves or cabinets

One of the first things to consider when maximizing a smaller laundry room is utilizing vertical space. Instead of leaving walls bare, consider installing wall-mounted shelves or cabinets. This will allow you to store detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry essentials up and out of the way. Don’t forget to label your shelves to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Utilizing floating shelves

Another option for utilizing vertical space is to install floating shelves. These shelves are mounted directly to the wall, providing additional storage space without taking up valuable floor space. Floating shelves are perfect for storing items like laundry baskets, laundry bags, and even extra towels or linens. Plus, they add a visually appealing touch to your laundry room decor.

Hanging a pegboard for storage

One creative solution for small laundry rooms is to hang a pegboard on one of the walls. A pegboard provides versatile storage options as you can hang hooks, baskets, or even small shelves.

This will allow you to keep frequently used items, such as ironing supplies, stain removers, or clothespins, easily accessible. The best part is that you can customize the layout of your pegboard to fit your unique needs.

Maximizing storage options

One of the keys to creating an efficient small laundry room is maximizing storage options. Look for ways to utilize every inch of existing space. Install shelving units on the walls to store cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other necessities. Consider adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized items.

Using slide-out storage towers

Slide-out storage towers are an excellent option for small laundry rooms. These towers can be placed beside or in between the washer and wall, providing an additional storage space for laundry essentials. They are compact and can house items such as laundry baskets, ironing boards, and even hampers. With the ability to slide them in and out, you can easily access what you need without taking up too much space.

Incorporating storage bins or baskets

Incorporating storage bins or baskets can help keep your small laundry room organized and clutter-free. Choose bins or baskets that can fit on shelves or in cabinets. Use them to sort laundry by color or to store smaller items like dryer sheets and lint rollers. Label each bin or basket for easy identification and quick access.

Utilizing the space above and beside the washer

Don’t overlook the space above and beside the washer. Install wall-mounted shelves or cabinets to take advantage of vertical space. Use these shelves to store items that are not frequently used, such as extra cleaning supplies, seasonal items, or even decorative items to enhance the look of your laundry room.

Consider installing a hanging rod beside the washer for drying clothes or hanging freshly ironed garments.

Utilize the space beside the washer by installing a narrow rolling cart or laundry caddy. These mobile storage options can be easily moved around and provide extra storage for items like laundry detergents, stain removers, and fabric softeners. They can also serve as a folding station or a temporary storage area for clothes awaiting ironing or folding.

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In addition to these storage solutions, maximizing the functionality of your top loading washer can also help make your laundry room more efficient. Consider installing a countertop over your washer and dryer to create a folding station or additional workspace.

This will not only give you more room to work but also hide the machines when not in use, giving your laundry room a cleaner and more organized appearance.

Lastly, don’t overlook the potential of the walls and ceiling in your laundry room. Install hooks or racks on the walls to hang drying racks, ironing boards, or even hangers for air-drying delicate clothing. Use ceiling-mounted drying racks for larger items like bedding or towels, freeing up floor space.

Creating a Folding Area

Folding clothes can be a tedious task, especially in a small laundry room. Consider creating a dedicated folding area to make this task easier. Install a wall-mounted drop-down table or countertop that can be easily folded up when not in use. This provides a flat surface for folding clothes and can be tucked away to save space.

Installing a Fold-Down Table or Countertop

If you have limited space, installing a fold-down table or countertop can be a game-changer. This provides a convenient surface for sorting and folding clothes, and it can be folded up against the wall when not in use. Look for options that have built-in storage or shelving underneath for additional organization.

Utilizing a Portable Folding Station

If you don’t have the space for permanent fixtures, a portable folding station can be a great alternative. These folding stations often come with a table-like surface, hanging bars, and storage compartments for sorting clothes. They can be easily moved and stored away when not needed, making them perfect for small laundry rooms.

Utilizing a Multi-Purpose Laundry Cart

A multi-purpose laundry cart can be a versatile addition to a small laundry room. Look for carts that have multiple compartments for sorting, a hanging bar for drying clothes, and shelves for storage. These carts can be easily moved around and can serve as a centralized station for all your laundry needs.

Organizing laundry supplies

Utilizing stackable storage containers

One of the most important aspects of a well-organized laundry room is having a designated space for laundry supplies. Instead of allowing your detergent, fabric softener, and other cleaning products to clutter up your countertops or shelves, considers utilizing stackable storage containers.

These containers are a great way to save space while keeping your supplies neatly organized. You can use different containers for different types of products and label them accordingly for easy access.

Installing a wall-mounted hanging organizer

Another great storage solution for a small laundry room is a wall-mounted hanging organizer. This type of organizer can be easily installed on a blank wall or the back of your laundry room door, making use of vertical space.

You can hang small baskets or pockets on the organizer to store items such as dryer sheets, lint rollers, or small hand towels. This will help free up valuable counter space while ensuring your supplies are easily accessible when needed.

Utilizing magnetic storage solutions

Utilizing magnetic storage solutions can also be a game-changer in a small laundry room. Install magnetic strips on the inside of cabinet doors or on the sides of your washer and dryer. You can use magnetic containers or hooks to store items like clothespins, keys, or small handy tools. This allows you to utilize otherwise unused space and keep frequently used items within reach.

Incorporating functional design elements

Having a small laundry room with top loading washer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality or style. With the right design elements and clever organization, you can create a practical and efficient space even with a top-loading washer. Here are some small laundry room ideas to help maximize your space and make laundry day a breeze.

Incorporating functional design elements is essential when dealing with limited space. Opting for a top-loading washer allows you to utilize the top surface as extra counter space.

You can use this space to fold laundry or store laundry essentials like detergent and fabric softener. Consider adding a shelf above the washer to maximize vertical storage and keep frequently used items within reach.

Installing a retractable clothes drying rack

Installing a retractable clothes drying rack is a game-changer in small laundry rooms. It provides an efficient way to dry clothes without taking up valuable floor space.

When not in use, simply fold it up against the wall or tuck it away to create more room. This feature is especially useful for delicate garments that need to air dry.

Adding a clothing rod or hooks for hanging

Adding a clothing rod or hooks for hanging is another smart solution for organizing your laundry room. This allows you to hang clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, preventing wrinkles and saving space. You can install a rod above your washer or dryer, or even utilize the back of the laundry room door for additional hanging space. Hooks can be used for items like reusable grocery bags or cleaning tools.

Utilizing a pull-out ironing board

Utilizing a pull-out ironing board is a must-have for any small laundry room. These cleverly designed boards are compact and easily stored away when not in use. Simply pull it out when you need to iron and fold it back into a drawer or cabinet when you’re done. This eliminates the need for a bulky ironing board that takes up precious floor space.

Don’t forget to add proper lighting to brighten up your laundry space. Good lighting makes it easier to spot stains or properly fold clothes. Consider installing LED lights under shelves or cabinets to provide direct lighting on your work surface.

With these small laundry room ideas with top loading washer, you can transform even the tiniest space into an organized and functional area. Remember to make the most of vertical storage, utilize retractable features, and keep everything in its designated place. A well-designed small laundry room can make a big difference in your everyday routine.

Creativity and thinking outside the box

Having a small laundry room with a top loading washer can be a challenge when it comes to organizing and maximizing space. However, with a little creativity and thinking outside the box, you can transform your laundry room into a functional and efficient space. Here are some creative solutions for small laundry rooms with top loading washers:

Use a ladder as a drying rack

One unconventional but effective solution is to use a ladder as a drying rack. Simply lean the ladder against the wall and hang clothes on the rungs. This not only saves space but also adds a unique and stylish touch to your laundry room.

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Repurpose an old dresser as a storage unit

Instead of investing in expensive storage solutions, repurpose an old dresser as a storage unit in your laundry room. Remove the drawers and use the open shelves to store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other essentials. You can also place baskets or bins on the shelves to keep your laundry organized.

Use over-the-door organizers

Over-the-door organizers are a great way to make use of the back of your laundry room door. Hang one or two organizers to store smaller items such as dryer sheets, lint rollers, or clothespins.

Utilize collapsible laundry hampers or baskets

Collapsible laundry hampers or baskets are a practical solution for small laundry rooms. They can be easily stored away when not in use, minimizing clutter.


In conclusion, a small laundry room with a top loading washer doesn’t have to be a hindrance. By thinking outside the box and implementing creative solutions such as using a ladder as a drying rack or repurposing an old dresser as a storage unit, you can transform your laundry room into a functional and designed space. Remember, maximizing vertical space, utilizing innovative storage solutions, and adding a touch of personal style can make a huge difference in a small space.

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