Replacing a Storm Door Handle: Quick Fix

Replacing a Storm Door Handle: Quick Fix. This is a simple 10-minute repair. You can easily learn how to replace a screen door latch on your own. Here are the steps:

Remove the old handle and screen door latch

Unscrew the interior latch-mounting screws, separate the interior and exterior handles, and take out the center spindle. Dispose of the old handle.

Insert the spindle

Follow the instructions on the packaging to assemble the new exterior handle and slide the spindle through the center hole.

Screw the inside and outside together

Place the interior screen door latch onto the protruding spindle and use the two mounting screws to attach the interior and exterior handles securely.

Mount the strike

Close the door and hold the new strike plate in position (ask someone to push it tightly from the outside). Mark the center of the mounting slots for optimal adjustability. Drill 3/32-inch pilot holes into the door jamb and fasten the new strike plate with screws. Use enclosed shims if needed.

Get rid of your old, worn-out push-button handle on your screen door and replace it with a shiny new lever handle that opens easily. These replacement handles are suitable for most aluminum, steel, and some wood doors and can be found at hardware stores and home centers. This project is straightforward and similar to replacing a regular door handle.

The handle can be swapped out in just about 10 minutes. Usually, the old handle is held together by two mounting screws. Remove these screws and throw away the old handle. On the screen door, you will notice three mounting holes spaced vertically (wood doors might require different hardware).

Measure the distance from the door’s edge to the center of one of these holes – this is known as the backset. Purchase a new handle with the same backset or use the provided drilling template to relocate the 5/16-inch mounting screw holes. Assemble the components of the outside lever, insert the center spindle, and install the new handle.

If the old strike plate does not work with the new screen door latch, remove it and install the new one included in the screen door latch kit.

Before starting this DIY project, make sure you have all the necessary tools ready to avoid last-minute shopping trips. You will need a 4-in-1 screwdriver, a cordless drill, and a drill bit set. Additionally, gather all the required materials, including a replacement storm door handle and latch.

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