How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes

Slime is very popular nowadays. Children want to play with it, by making different types of things. But the question is this, what actually slime is made of?

These are the basic ingredients which are used in the slime recipes such as water, glue, and a type of activator. One of the main components in slime recipe is glue which gives it a stretchy and gooey texture that we all love.

Water is another important component which is used to dilute the glue to make it easier to mix. This is an actually activator, which is used to change the glue from a liquid to a stretchy solid. There are many activators which can be used in the recipe of slime such as contact lens solution mixed with baking soda, liquid starch and borax.

If you want to create different textures and effects, there are some additional things you have to include. If you want sparkle in the slime you can add glitter. If you want to create a crunchy slime you have to add foam beads.

Generally, Slime is a safe thing that children can play with it without any problem. But borax can be a harmful ingredient if ingested. So due to this reason while your children are playing with slime, you have to supervise them. And you need to ensure another thing that your children are washing their hands after playing with it.

Slime is really a very satisfying and relaxing toy due to its unique characteristic of customization. You can customize it in countless ways according to your preferences. After getting this much knowledge about the ingredients which are used to make slime now you are able to make your own homemade slime.

How To Get Wet Slime Out Of Clothes

Here is a complete guidance, how one can easily remove wet slime out of clothes by following these easy steps.

Wait until slime is dried

If you try to remove the wet slime, it will spread further on your clothes. So patience is required If you want to remove wet slime out of clothes, because you have to do some wait until the slime has dried. After drying the slime you can easily peel it off or scrape off.

Peel off excess slime

Until the slime has dried you need to find out butter knife or spoon which can be used to gently scrape off as much as the slime has dried. But keep in mind you have to do this process gently because your harsh behavior of removing slime can damage the fabric.

White vinegar and water solution

Now the question arises how to remove the remaining slime. For this purpose, you need to make a solution with the help of equal parts of water and white vinegar. Just apply this solution for a few minutes for achieving the better results.

Use hot water to wash

After applying solution of white vinegar and water on the clothing. If you are still unsatisfied and you want to completely vanish the stain from the clothes you need to wash the clothing with the help of hot water because it will remove the any leftover stain.

Use a stain remover

If the slime stain is still not removing, here you need to use stain remover directly to the affected area and let the stain remover remains on the affected area until the stain completely removed, before washing the cloth again.

Air dry

If you are satisfied, that clothes are completely free from stain. Now it’s time to air dry your clothes. Keep in mind you cannot dry your clothes with the help of dryer because it is not suitable in this situation.

By following these useful steps, you can easily remove wet slime from your valuable clothes. By following these easy steps, you can also deal with persistent stains. Last but not the least the key to success in this regard is only patience and determination towards your slime removing task. It’s not an easy task, but by taking reasonable measures you can deal with it.

How To Get Dry Slime Out Of Clothes

First you need to estimate how old the dry slime is. It will be very helpful if you know exactly how long old it is. If the dry slime is only a few days old, you can easily remove it by following these easy steps.

Scrape or peel off excess slime

As compare to wet slime it’s quite easy to remove dry slime out of clothes because you don’t need to give extra time to your clothes to get dried because it is already dried. You just need to scrape or peel off.

Apply liquid laundry detergent and water

After peeling off excess slime, just apply Pre-treatment stain remover or a mixture of water and detergent which commonly used in laundry directly onto the affected area. By doing this, you can easily weaken the stain.

Dip your clothes into hot water bucket

It’s time to dip your clothes into the bucket or sink which is filled with hot water. Add a small amount of laundry detergent into the bucket or sink. And stay your clothes into the bucket or sink for at least 25-30 minutes. By doing this you completely loosen the remaining residue in the clothes.

Wash the clothes

After the soaking in hot water your clothes for 25-30 minutes. Wash your clothes as you normally wash your clothes in washing machine. If you want to maintain the fabric of your clothes, use suitable temperature and cycle.

Slime residue checking process

Up to here the slime removing process is complete. But you need to check the clothes if there is any slime residue. If yes, then you need to repeat the whole process again. By checking the slime residue you will be completely sure that there is no slime residue remains on the clothes.

If you find that the slime reside is persistent and is not removing after doing your consistent working. Here we suggest you to hire a professional laundry boy or dry cleaner that can help you in this regard because they know how to deal with different types of cloth cleaning.

Avoid the usage of dryer

Once you completely checked there is no residue remains on the clothes, here finally you need to air dry your clothes instead the usage of dryer because it can be harmful to the fabric of your clothes.

Here is an important thing which you need to keep in mind before following these easy steps: you need to carefully choose the appropriate detergent that you are sure it will not be harmful to the fabric of your clothes especially in regard to the color of your clothes.

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